DR system- power project inspection


Design ideas and concepts

The design technical principles are as follows:

1. The platform has a smooth horizontal extension to extend the lead room for easy loading and unloading;

2. The platform has high rotation precision and meets the requirements of dynamic detection accuracy;

3. The design of the platform traverse mechanism and the slewing mechanism requires high rigidity, high precision, high anti-overturning force, and stable and reliable operation;

4. The C-arm firstly requires the lifting column to have high precision, stability, rigidity, and anti-overturning force, ensuring high stability and non-jitter of the C-arm displacement base;

5. The C-arm rotates obliquely, traverses and stretches, and the focusing drive structure has high precision, stability, rigidity, and large anti-overturning force, ensuring stable displacement and clear image imaging without jitter.

6. The lead room has a horizontal correction function to ensure the strict guarantee level of the platform.

7. The mechanism displacement operation is convenient for manual operation, simple and convenient, fast and accurate, safe and reliable.

The design ideas are as follows:

1. The traverse base of the platform is welded by 20mm thick T235 steel plate. It is processed by large-scale gantry milling machine to ensure the stability of the base and provide the required installation accuracy for the slide.

2. The high-rigid dovetail groove sliding table is used for casting and processing of ductile iron material with good wear resistance, vibration absorption, long-term stability and no deformation, and great anti-overturn deformation;

3. The sliding part adopts an elongated type to ensure the stability of the cantilever support while ensuring that the sliding table is traversed to remove the lead room from the turntable;

4. The sliding surface adopts nickel-based copper foam self-lubricating linear bearing plate to reduce the fine friction coefficient, reduce the load of the traverse drive, and improve the system response sensitivity;

5. The turret support drive adopts high-precision and high-rigidity slewing bearings, which guarantee sufficient precision and anti-overturning force;

6. The C-arm is made of 16mm thick T235 steel plate welded into a rectangular section with a large section of 200x300, plus a bottom support rib. It is processed by a large gantry milling machine, and the C-arm displacement is stable and reliable.

7. In order to ensure the rigidity and stability of the C-arm cantilever, the dovetail slot mechanism is adopted for lifting the flat and horizontal traverse;

8. The C-arm tilting also selects the high-precision and high-rigidity slewing bearing, which guarantees the C-arm tilting and traversing with sufficient precision and anti-overturning force;

9, focal length adjustment, taking into account the small load, frequent movements, the use of linear guides, ball screw drive mechanism;

10. The mounting bracket of the ray machine and the flat plate requires good rigidity and stable structure, ensuring stable and reliable imaging when focusing.

11. All linear motions are driven by gear rack and pinion, self-locking high reduction ratio worm gear reducer and servo motor to ensure safe and reliable system operation;

12. The rotating mechanism adopts tooth-shaped four-point contact high-precision slewing bearing support, precision gear transmission, worm gear reducer and servo motor drive to ensure safe and reliable rotation;

13. All motion modules of the total system adopt safety protection technologies such as travel switch and mechanical anti-collision to ensure safe and reliable operation of all links in the system;

14. After the lead room and the ground are fixed by the leveling inclined iron for horizontal correction, it is necessary to ensure that the assembly platform has sufficient rotation angle accuracy requirements and is fixed to the ground by anchor bolts. A hook is arranged on the top of the lead room to facilitate the handling of the lead room. The lead room adopts an electric automatic door and is interlocked with the detection system to ensure the safety of testing.

15. The system installs the global pan/tilt camera in the upper right corner of the lead room. In order to facilitate the operator to operate the displacement device simply and safely, avoiding the safety of the flat panel detector, and ensuring the rapid positioning of the detection area, the camera is set in the parallel plate of the C-frame. It is used to judge the distance between the workpiece and the flat panel detector, and the camera is installed on the ray machine mounting plate to facilitate quick and intuitive positioning of the detection area.

Mechanical system composition

The mechanical system consists of a rotating platform, a flat panel detector and an X-ray tube supporting mechanism (ie, a C-arm), a grating device, and the like.


Figure 1 Schematic diagram of the overall layout


Figure 2 Schematic diagram of loading and unloading


Figure 3 Overall mechanical system structure


Figure 4 Schematic diagram of mechanical system motion

The total system adopts a five-axis motion mode. The workpiece platform has Z-axis rotation and Y-axis traverse motion. The C-arm has X-axis translation, Z-axis elevation and Y-axis tilt.

The workpiece platform has a diameter of 700mm, which can be rotated 2.5m before and after the Y-axis, and 360° rotated by 360°. The speed can be adjusted. The bottom of the slewing platform is supported by high precision, high rigidity, slewing bearing and servo motor. There is a high-rigidity linear dovetail guide under the slewing bearing base to meet the rotation of the rotating platform. The workpiece platform can be extended to the outside of the lead room to pick up the workpiece.

There are universal fixture mounting positions and auxiliary structures (such as bolts, T-shaped slots, etc.) on the platform to facilitate quick and quick change of fixtures. It has corrosion resistance, compression resistance and deformation resistance, and is strong and wear resistant.

The C-arm Z-axis is lifted by 1.2m, the X-axis is extended by 0.8m, and the X-axis is inclined by 30°. The mechanism adopts high rigidity rectangular steel pipe left column, Z axis lifting and X axis flat extension adopt high rigidity, high precision linear dovetail guide rail, graphite self-lubricating linear bearing, high precision rack and pinion pair and self-locking worm gear reducer The drive is driven by a servo motor; the X-axis tilt is supported by a high-precision, high-rigidity slewing bearing, and the high-precision gear pair and the self-locking worm gear reducer are driven by a servo motor.

In addition, the C-arm is fixed at one end and the other end is fixed to the ray machine module. The ray machine module adopts high-precision linear guide ball screw drive and is driven by servo motor to realize the adjustment of the imaging focal length of the ray machine to adjust the optimal magnification. The ray window of the ray machine mount is fitted with a grating.

Working principle

After the test is completed, the system mechanisms reset the initial position. The main console operates the "refueling button", the system starts the lead room automatic door to open the motor, the lead room door opens, the lead room door opens and feeds back to the system, the system automatically starts the Y-axis translation drive motor, and the platform goes out to the lead room door. In a fixed position, the person can replace the fixture and load the fixed operation. The main console presses the "feed button" again, the system starts the Y-axis translation drive motor, and moves the platform to the lead room detection position in reverse. After the platform is in place, the system automatically starts the lead gate drive motor, the front door is closed, and the feedback is given to the system. The test is ready. According to the screen operation machine and the flat panel detector, the main control station starts the rotation according to the set speed, and completes the all-round dynamic detection. If necessary, adjust the relative position of the test equipment and the workpiece again, and complete the test again.


Figure 5 Schematic diagram of the working principle

Monitor the displacement operation

The system sets up a pan/tilt camera and sets up two fixed cameras. The console is equipped with a monitor display that supports multi-screen display and switch display. As shown below


Figure 6 Schematic diagram of the monitoring screen

Mechanical system technical parameters and response comparison


Mechanical system advantage

The mechanical mechanism of the whole mechanical mechanism is fastened on the ground steel frame of the lead house. The lead room is fixed to the ground by anchor bolts, and the bottom leveling inclined iron is horizontally corrected to ensure that the table end jumps within 10 wires. The guarantee platform has high rotation precision, large anti-overturning force and stable and reliable operation;

1. The base of the sliding table is welded with 20mm steel plate to remove the welding stress, which ensures the platform base is firm and reliable, and lays a foundation for the installation accuracy of the turntable;

2, the whole system large load linear motion uses high-rigidity spheroidal graphite casting dovetail slot sliding table pair, with large-scale precision machine tool processing, stable structure, high precision, stable operation;

3. The whole system rotating shaft adopts high rigidity and high precision four-point contact type roller slewing bearing, which has stable operation, high precision and large anti-overturning force;

4, the whole system uses self-locking worm gear reducer, equipped with Siemens, Mitsubishi and other first-line brand servo motor drive, the operation is quite reliable and safe;

5. The whole system dovetail slot motion pair adopts nickel-based graphite self-lubricating bearing, which greatly reduces the frictional resistance of the motion, making the system response speed fast and sensitive;

6. The linear motion of the whole system adopts high-precision rack and pinion transmission to ensure stable operation and accurate positioning.

7. The column is made of 250x350x12mm welded rectangular steel with high rigidity. The bottom is also leveled by the leveling iron. It is fixed with the anchor bolts and the ground to ensure that the ray machine and the plate become accurate, stable and reliable.

8. The shifting machine is equipped with lifting weights. The weights are connected to the lifting slides through the sprocket chain, which greatly reduces the lifting power, making the lifting more stable and responsive.

9. All displacement movements have set limit switches and mechanical limit to ensure the double safety of system movement.

10. The system is equipped with a global monitoring camera pan/tilt, a flat-panel safety distance monitoring camera, and a detection area positioning camera, which greatly improves the work safety, efficiency and efficiency.

Manufacturing guarantee

The company's large-scale workpiece welding, car, milling, planing, grinding, CNC machining center and other comprehensive processing equipment and technical personnel, strict inspection process, quality assurance team, project management team, etc., in addition to the company's long-term cooperation in heat treatment processing plant. Make sure that projects of all sizes, large and small, can be completed on time and on quality.





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