Application of non-destructive testing equipment in natural gas pipeline testing

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Recently, China was able to build Huadong Construction Investment Zhejiang Thermal Power Co., Ltd. to sign a non-destructive testing contract for the natural gas pipeline project of the Daixi-Maiile-Kaiyuan branch line, achieving a "zero" breakthrough in the natural gas business segment market.

The Yunnan Qianxi-Maiile-Kaiyuan Spur Line Natural Gas Pipeline Project starts from the Luliang County and the western Yunnan border, and is connected with the Luliang County branch of the Yunnan Natural Gas Company, passing through Luxi County, Maitreya City, and ending in Far station. The total length of the project is about 156.8 kilometers, and the designed gas transmission capacity is 595 million cubic meters per year. The whole line is divided into three sub-transmission stations and seven valve rooms in Luxi, Maitreya and Kaiyuan. After the project is completed, it will provide gas source protection for Luxi County, Maitreya City and Kaiyuan City.

It is well known that natural gas pipelines are tested for natural gas-filled pipelines, and some devices cannot detect pipelines filled with media. Our company's DR equipment breaks through this limitation, not only inspection gas-filled pipes, but also detecting objects filled with liquid or even concrete and with clear image quality.

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