HATATEST unveiled at the 23rd China International Quality Control and Testing Industrial Equipment Exhibition

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From October 31st to November 2nd, 2018, HATATEST appeared at the 23rd China International Quality Control and Testing Industrial Equipment Exhibition (Q.C.China). Q.C.China is a large-scale, long-standing and wide-ranging brand exhibition in the field of industrial inspection in China. The theme of the exhibition is "actively connecting with national strategy, leading non-destructive testing, technological innovation and green development", strengthening exchanges and cooperation between relevant industries, and promoting the promotion and application of new theories, new methods and new technologies of non-destructive testing. The conference coincided with the 40th anniversary of the establishment of the Non-destructive Testing Branch of the China Society of Mechanical Engineering. The exhibition brought together top industrial inspection equipment manufacturers and agents from home and abroad to participate in the exhibition, attracting more than 3,000 industrial inspection and quality control professional visitors to the conference.

At the exhibition, HATATEST and Zhengzhou Delong Testing Equipment Co., Ltd., Zhengzhou Maxi Testing Technology Co., Ltd. and Zhengzhou Jiutai Technology Co., Ltd., a total of 5 companies from the important birthplace of China Civilization and the national central city of Zhengzhou, formed the "Zhengzhou NDT". Smart Alliance" (ZZNDT). As a joint NDT professional alliance established by five well-known non-destructive testing (NDT) manufacturers and suppliers in China, the company is dedicated to the development and production of national inspection and testing, and provides specialized equipment for the integration of high-quality instruments and systems. Talents, technology, information, products and other resources are shared, each with its own characteristics; united and enterprising, innovative development, full of vitality, cooperation and win-win!



HATATEST is the exclusive agent of Korea in the United States, Raytheon Rayence industrial portable non-destructive testing imaging system (DR), Russia Skrron Spektroflash portable high frequency constant pressure ray machine, the United States NDTSyStems 3D imaging corrosion detection and evaluation system, the United States NDTSyStems portable air coupled detector, the United States NDTSyStems IBT 3100+BondHub glued 3D imaging detector, US NDTSyStems NovaScope6000 ultrasonic thickness gauge, Swiss Flyability Elios drone and other products appeared at the exhibition. During the three-day exhibition, our company booth gathered a large number of industry experts, customers, technicians and other consulting visits, indicating a strong interest and willingness to further cooperation, the effect is good.


Committed to building HATATEST, a model of China's intelligent testing field, hopes to participate in this event, to fuse the world's advanced testing concepts with the actual domestic testing needs, to quickly transfer cutting-edge technology and market information, and fully promote product innovation, sales innovation, and service. Innovation, single-mindedness for the customer's "three innovations and one heart" development concept, and colleagues in the field of intelligent testing to advance the development of China's industrial quality control and testing business!

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