The world's leading non-destructive testing solution provider, the global sales manager of NOVA Group in the United States, came to HATATEST to discuss and communicate with each other.

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From September 3 to September 5, 2018, Randy Scheib, global sales manager of NOVA Group, a world-renowned non-destructive testing solution provider, and Michael Ulott, technical application consultant, came to our company to negotiate.

HATATEST is the general agent of IBT 3100+BondHub glued 3D imaging detector, 3D imaging corrosion detection and evaluation system, portable air coupling detector, Nova6000 and other products of NDT Systems of the United States NOVA Group. It has established a good relationship with NOVA Group of the United States. Partnerships. Randy Scheib, General Manager of Global Sales, and Michael Ulott, Technical Application Consultant, visited the exchange and laid the foundation for the promotion and application of the products and the further cooperation between the two companies.

Technical Application Consultant Michael Ulott explains the product

Product operation explanation exchange

NOVA Group is a world-renowned provider of non-destructive testing solutions that provide analysis, calibration, control, measurement and monitoring solutions for the global test and inspection market.

The company produces industry-leading products such as environmental test instruments, non-destructive testing equipment, vibration analyzers, optical and laser test equipment, and is widely used in a variety of high-end markets such as aerospace, energy, environmental, industrial, medical and scientific research.

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