HATATEST in the debut of the 2018 National Special Equipment Non-destructive Testing Agency Annual Meeting Instrument and Equipment Exhibition

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    In order to further promote the healthy development of non-destructive testing industry for special equipment, standardize testing behavior, strengthen communication within the industry, promote industry self-discipline, and study and solve hot issues of concern to the industry, February 22-23, 2019, 2018 national special equipment The annual meeting of non-destructive testing institutions was held in Chengdu, Sichuan Province.


HATATEST is the exclusive agent in China. The rate is Korea's Raytheon industrial portable non-destructive testing imaging system (DR), Russia's Skrrons Spektroflash portable high-frequency constant-voltage ray machine, the US NDTSyStems 3D imaging corrosion detection and evaluation system, the United States NDTSyStems portable air Coupling detector, US NDTSyStems IBT 3100+BondHub glued 3D image detector, US NDTSyStems NovaScope6000 ultrasonic thickness gauge, UK EINDT ET-EMA952 high temperature electromagnetic ultrasonic corrosion detection system, Swiss Flyability Elios drone and other products appeared at the exhibition. During the two-day exhibition, our company booth gathered a large number of industry experts, customers, technicians and other visitors. Many visitors expressed strong interest in the equipment exhibited by our company and the willingness to further cooperation, and achieved good results.


HATATEST always insists on providing professional testing instruments and solutions to realize intelligent, convenient and caring customer service, using advanced technology to avoid security risks, and practicing the corporate mission of "Technology to help test and protect Guotai Min'an".

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