HATATEST brings new achievements to the 2019 TCT Asia Exhibition

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From February 21st to 23rd, the Asian 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing Exhibition (TCTAsia) was held in Shanghai. HATATEST and Beihang jointly developed the additive-made titanium alloy ring array ultrasonic full focus detection system. Exhibition.

As an annual feast of additive manufacturing, a total of 16,000 professional visitors from 23 countries attended the event, and HATATEST made their debut at the exhibition, which attracted wide attention.

Additive manufacturing of titanium alloy ring array ultrasonic full focus detection system for the high-precision non-destructive testing requirements of titanium alloys and other products for additive materials with high acoustic attenuation properties, using advanced array ultrasonic testing equipment and imaging algorithm software to build The detection of defects such as holes and pores in the structure of titanium alloy by large thickness additive is supported, and the detection results support two-dimensional and three-dimensional imaging of different modes.



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