The 15th Asia-Pacific Nondestructive Testing Conference

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The 15th Asia-Pacific Nondestructive Testing Conference Held in Singapore

The 15th Asia-Pacific Non-destructive Testing Conference Held in Singapore on November 15-17, 2017. About 1,000 delegates and about 50 delegates from China, about 180 exhibitors and about 45 Chinese exhibitors attended the conference. The conference delegates from 23 different countries and areas. The conference included a total of 227 paper abstracts, more than 175 oral reports, 52 papers posted, covering non-destructive testing technology, non-destructive testing equipment, non-destructive testing applications. The Portable Digital Radiography Solutions of Chinese exhibitors show extraordinary talents at this exhibition.


Photo of the Chinese representative of the Asia Pacific Conference


Representatives of Chinese participants and APCNDT Association representatives

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