The First HATA World Advanced NDT Technology Exchange Conference and New Product Conference was Successfully Held

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The First HATA World Advanced NDT Technology Exchange Conference and New Product Conference was Successfully Held

With the theme of "intelligence and precision",the first HATA NDT technology exchange meeting and the new product conference were held successfully in Zhengzhou on April 13-15, 2018. Zhou Zhenggan,professor and doctoral supervisor and vice president of Beihang University,Ma Xiaohuai,Director of Non-Destructive Testing Branch, Shaanxi Institute of Mechanical Engineering,Wen yintang,associate Researcher, Doctor of Engineering, and office director of the Institute of National Defense Science and Technology, Yanshan University,Zhang Yuyan,professor and doctor of electrical engineering, Yanshan University,Chen Junlei, Ph. D., College of materials, Wuhan University of Technology,Doctor Zhou Jun, Naval Academy, Naval University of Engineering,PLA,He Jian,engineer of AECC Beijing Institute of Aeronautical Materials,Technical director Mao Wei and engineer Nie Huan of AECC Xi’an AERO-ENGINE LTD.,Xu Guirong, Director of NDT Technology, Harbin Aircraft Manufacturing Plant,Keith E. Erk, Global Sales Director and Technical Application Manager, NDT Systems, USA,Michael Ulott, Technical Director and Application Consultant at NOVA,Global sales director Byun Hee Sung, China Regional Sales Director Kang Tae Jeong, R & D team Heo Sung Gyn of Rayence,Korea,Chen Zuyin, chairman of Hongkong Jinpei Group,Russian Spektroflash Technical Engineer Lysenko Daniel,Xiaolin Briod-Wang, general manager of China, Flyability, Switzerland, Yuan Guanjun, technical director of Fuji Photo Film Co, Japan,Christoph König, International Sales Engineer, Dantec, Germany and other guests,More than 160 well-known experts, scholars, technicians, testing equipment manufacturers and agents from non-destructive testing field gathered at home and abroad to witness this historic moment.



Conference scene

Mr. Yuan Shilei,the organizer of the conference and the general manager of HATA,give a enthusiasm and far-sighted speech,opened the prelude of the conference.Mr. Yuan pointed out that: HATA always adhere to the “Three Innovations” principle of “product innovation, sales innovation, service innovation, and single-mindedness for customer service”, closely follow the national development direction, increase R&D investment, and strengthen The university’s technical cooperation has continuously introduced new products suitable for market demand. Taking the opportunity of the first HATA World Advanced Nondestructive Testing Technology Exchange Conference and New Product Conference to further extend and deepen cooperation with business partners, to jointly explore a new chapter in the NDT business and to help the development of NDT in China!


Mr. Yuan Shilei, General Manager of HATATEST, delivered a speech

Accompanied by dynamic music, ushered in an exciting moment - the appearance of new products.Applied in aerospace, automotive and other areas of composite materials for bonding detection, 3D imaging of the United States NDT Systems Bondhub3100 glue detection imager,Used in aircraft engines, turbine blades and other thickness measurement, measuring accuracy up to 0.001mm US NDT Systems NOVA6000 high-precision thickness gauge, US NDT Systems non-contact air-coupled ultrasonic detectors for the detection of carbon fiber and composite adhesive structures in the aerospace and automotive industries, Applied in boiler superheater, gas tank, nuclear construction site, pressure vessel and other fields, Switzerland ELIOS can easily enter complex and closed space for testing, Mainly used in aerospace, precision castings and other fields of detection, Fujifilm HR2 type industrial CR imaging system with a pixel size up to 25 microns, And from Rayence, South Korea, weighing only 2kg, can withstand 330kV (without any protection), the world's first 0412WGB strip flat panel detector and other products unveiled.The new products focused on the development trend of “smart and precise” and successfully attracted the attention and heated discussion of the participants. New products, new technologies, and new opportunities will also set off a wave of sales in the future.


New product release.

(From left to right: US NDT Systems Bondhub 3100 Adhesion Detection Imager, US NDT Systems Contactless Air-Coupled Ultrasonic Detector, Korea Rayence World's First 0412WGB Bar Flat Panel Detector, Switzerland ELIOS Collision UAV Inspection System, Japan Fuji HR2 Industrial CR Imaging System, USA NDT Systems NOVA6000 High Precision Thickness Gauge)

In the technical exchange meeting, Mr. Keith, Global Sales Director and Technical Application Manager of NDT Systems, USA, gave a detailed explanation of the “Adhesive Imaging Detection Application”. The participants listened carefully and had technical exchanges with Mr. Keith.



Mr. Keith shares "adhesion imaging detection applications"

Subsequently, Mr. Yuan Guanjun, the Technical Director of Fuji Film Corporation of Japan, introduced the "Application of Industrial CR in Nondestructive Testing".


Mr. Yuan Guanjun introduces "Application of Industrial CR in Nondestructive Testing"

Ms. Xiaolin Briod-Wang, General Manager of China Region of Swiss Flyability Company, fully and brilliantly displayed the application of ELIOS UAV in industrial inspection.9.png


Xiaolin Briod-Wang Presents Application of ELIOS UAV in Industrial Inspection

Mr. Wang Qingben, Chief Technical Engineer of Henan HATA Detection Technology Co., Ltd. shared the “HATATEST Digital Imaging System Detection Technology and Integration Solution”, and HATA's "Industrial Cloud Inspection Platform" and "Industrial Video Cloud and Remote Detection and Evaluation System" independently developed based on Internet technology. Through Mr.Wang's sharing, he demonstrated China’s excellent technical strength and confidence, and he hopes to create greater glories in the new year.


Chief Technical Engineer Mr. Wang Qingben shared the “HATATEST Digital Imaging System Detection Technology and Integration Solution”, and HATA's "Industrial Cloud Inspection Platform" and "Industrial Video Cloud and Remote Detection and Evaluation System" independently developed based on Internet technology.

Mr. Christoph, Director of International Sales of Dantec, Germany, took everyone to learn about "Solid Mechanics Optical Measurement System."


Mr. Christoph explains "Solid Mechanics Optical Measurement System"

Mr. Heo Sung Gyn, head of R&D team from Rayence, South Korea, introduced the "High-accuracy 14.8-micron flat panel detector application and the world's first new 0412WGB strip-shaped flat panel" to everyone. The release of the new 0412WGB bar is an important step toward the goal of “smart and precise” and has received a lot of attention from the audience.



Mr. Heo Sung Gyn introduces the "High Precision 14.8 Micron Flat Panel Detector Application and the World's First New 0412WGB Strip Tablet"

Professor Zhou Zhenggan, vice president and doctoral supervisor of Beihang University, shared the finale - "Application of Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing Technology". Prof. Zhou enumerated examples and explained the profound things in a simple way. From the perspective of a teaching and research worker of non-destructive testing technology, he explained the application of phased array ultrasonic testing technology and the future development direction of non-destructive testing technology, and won warm applause from 15.png

the scene.


Prof. Zhou Zhenggan Shares "Application of Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing Technology"

The organizers of the conference also prepared programs for the participants, such as shows and welcome dinners, so that friends from all over the world can enjoy the beautiful scenery,taste the cuisin, and experience the civilization in the Central Plains.

Through this conference, we have fully demonstrated the unique charm of HATA as a model of Chinese intelligent testing, and further deepened the understanding of HATA. HATA will continue to adhere to the principle of "three create one heart", provide more intelligent and accurate products and solutions for the field of nondestructive testing, and work together with partners to develop a new chapter in the cause of nondestructive testing.


A group photo of all staff

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