HATATEST test participated in the 2017 11th China International Nuclear Power Industry and Equipment Exhibition

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On the morning of August 28th, the China International Nuclear Power Industry and equipment exhibition, sponsored by the China Machinery Industry Federation, opened at the Beijing National Conference Center, during the same period, the 2017 China Nuclear Power Sustainable Development Forum was also held. Henan HATATEST Detection Technology Co. , Ltd.  carries the exclusive British EINDT ET-CR959 computer digital imaging system, British EINDT ET-EMA952 high temperature electromagnetic ultrasonic corrosion detection system, American NDTSyStems IBT 3100+BondHub bonded 3D imaging detector, 3D imaging corrosion detection Evaluation systems, portable non-destructive testing imaging systems and other high-precision nondestructive testing products,attracted many buyers and distributors to visit and learn.

This exhibition is led by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the State Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, and the National Energy Administration, sponsored by China Machinery Industry Federation, Co-sponsored by China Electrotechnical Society, China Power Engineering Society, Beijing Qifa Exhibition Service Co. , Ltd.  Nearly 500 companies and research institutes from more than 20 countries and regions including the United States, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Russia, South Korea and China participated in the exhibition, centralized and comprehensive demonstration of the latest technologies and equipment in nuclear equipment manufacturing and nuclear power technology applications.

HATATEST as a scientific and technological innovation enterprise integrating software development and system integration, always adhering to the "first-rate products, satisfactory service" ideas, providing customers with more outstanding products and services, serving more than a thousand customers at present, covering nuclear power industry, chemical pressure vessel manufacturing, electric power inspection, ships, petroleum and petrochemical, aerospace, special equipment inspection and other fields.  Company to "science and technology power detection, to secure peace!" For the vision, guiding the company's health, science and sustainable development with innovation driven, dedicated to become a model of intelligent detection in China.


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