HATATEST detects the 22nd China International Quality Control and Testing Industrial Equipment Exhibition

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The highly-regarded and authoritative event in the field of industrial quality control - the 22nd China International Quality Control and Testing Industrial Equipment Exhibition (Q. C. China) was held in Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center.  The exhibition brought together more than 150 domestic and foreign top manufacturers of industrial inspection equipment and agents to attend the exhibition, attracted more than 3, 000 industrial inspection and quality control professional visitors to visit.

 Intelligent nondestructive testing industry famous brand--HATATEST detection, gives a high degree of importance to this industry event, personally led by the deputy general manager, more than ten people, including technical masters and sales staff, attended the exhibition.

HATATEST detection took China regional exclusive agent of the Korean Rayence industry rate ans portable detection system for nondestructive imaging (DR), Russia's ronce Spektroflash portable high frequency constant pressure ray machine, American NDTSyStems 3D Imaging Corrosion Testing Assessment System,American NDTSyStems Portable Air Coupling Detector, American NDTSyStems IBT 3100+BondHub Adhesive 3D Imaging Detector, American NDTSyStems NovaScope 6000 Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge, the British EINDT ET-CR959 computer digital imaging system and independent production of film viewers and other products unveiled the exhibition.  During the three-day exhibition, our company's booth gathered a large number of industry experts, customers, technical staff, etc, many visitors expressed great interest in the equipment exhibited by our company and their willingness to further cooperate and achieved good results.

The "China International Quality Control and Testing Industrial Equipment Exhibition" (Q. C. China) has been established since 1995, has been gradually grown into the largest, oldest and most extensive brand exhibition in the field of industrial inspection in China. The exhibition will be mainly exhibited by non-destructive testing technology and equipment, physical testing and material testing machines, analytical instruments and laboratory equipment, measurement and testing technologies and standard samples, bring together high-end technologies and advanced tools and equipment brought by test equipment manufacturers and agents around the world, is the industry's authoritative technology and product release platform, and It is also an important link for global peers.  As the demand for industrial testing continues to expand and deepen, the requirements for the product quality inspection facilities and technology are becoming higher and higher in all industries, how to improve detection methods and improve detection equipment is the focus of inspection practitioners.

HATATEST detection is committed to become a model of China's intelligent detection field, hope to participate in this event, combining the world's advanced testing concepts with domestic actual testing needs, bring forward cutting-edge technologies and market information quickly, fully promote product innovation,  sales innovation,  and service innovation,  and wholeheartedly provide customers with the "three innovations and one heart" development concept, we will promote the development of China's industrial quality control and testing with colleagues in the smart detection field!

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