Henan HATATEST detective appeared at the 23rd China International Composite Material Industrial Technology Exhibition

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The 23rd China International Composite Industry Technology Exhibition opened in the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Hall on September 6,  2017. Henan HATATEST detection took the exclusive agent of the American NDTSyStems IBT 3100+BondHub glued 3D imaging detector,  3D imaging corrosion detection assessment system,  portable air coupling detector,  Nova6000 and other non-destructive testing products unveiled at the exhibition. The products of Henan HATATEST Detective agent attracted much attention at this year's composite material industry technology exhibition, and there are many customers and professional viewers who come to the booth to visit and negotiate.

(From left to right are:American NDTSyStems IBT 3100+BondHub glued 3D imaging detector, Nova6000, 3D imaging corrosion detection assessment system, portable air coupling detector)

The "China International Composite Material Industry Technology Exhibition" was founded in 1995 and has held 22 consecutive sessions, it is the largest and most influential composite material Trade Exhibition in China and in Asia,  which is the third one in the world. And it is called "the weathervane of the composite material industry" in the industry. The exhibition will build a platform for exchanges and cooperation among companies and talents in the composite material industry and become an annual industry event in the composite materials industry. Henan HATATEST detection has been devoted to the promotion of non-destructive testing equipment for many years. The exhibition not only shows the new product,  but also shows the strength of the company. Henan HATATEST detection has shown great achievements in this composite material exhibition,  won the industry's favorable comments and extensive attention,  and achieved fruitful results. 

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