HATA recently launched a MPI equipment-JW18

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magnetic particle yoke

Fillet Weld Type

HATA recently launched the MPI device - JW18. This mag particle yoke has been echoed by many people since its launch, and has been inquiring about the magnetic testing equipment--JW18.

After the HTJW12 and HTJW16, we will introduce a new MT Equipment yoke--JW18. He inherits the advantages of JW12 and JW16 and complements their shortcomings, and adds some new elements:

Ndt Equipment Portable Magnetic Yoke

Yoke Type

HATA JW18 yoke has three different multi-function detectors, which are suitable for the detection of different complex structures in various occasions. In

addition, based on the 3MM detection depth of JW12 and JW16 yokes, a new one is adopted. Magnetization methods to ensure surface detection sensitivity and deep

burial defects. And it's very light, only 1.8Kg. Small in size, but the capacity is not small, it can work for 1 day with full charge.

NDT Magnetic Particle Equipment

Drag Type

This yoke will be born soon, and our research team has reached a rigorous testing stage. After the test is passed, he will be a perfect NDT device to refresh your understanding of the yoke. Wait and see!

PS: If you are interested, contact me as soon as possible to get more information about JW18. There are discounts in the early days of the game, first come first served!

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