Principle and use of magnetic particle inspection

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Magnetic particle flaw detector, also known as portable flaw detector, uses thyristor as a non-contact switch. It has low noise, long life, simple and convenient operation, strong applicability and stable operation.

Principle of magnetic particle inspection
Principle of magnetic particle inspection : when the workpiece is magnetized, if there is a defect on the surface of the workpiece, magnetic leakage occurs due to the increase of the magnetic resistance at the defect, and a local magnetic field is formed, and the magnetic powder shows the shape and position of the defect here, thereby judging the defect. The presence.

Magnetic particle flaw detector application :
Magnetic particle inspection of structural parts, welded parts and heat-treated parts of various types of boilers, pressure vessels, petrochemicals, metallurgy, aviation, ships, railways, bridges, etc.

Implementation standards:
JB/T6870-93 rotating magnetic field flaw detector technical conditions
JB/T7411-94 electromagnetic yoke flaw detector technical conditions

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