HATATEST exhibited at the 26th China West International Equipment Manufacturing Exposition

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The 26th China West International Equipment Manufacturing Exposition and China Eurasian International Industrial Exposition were hold in Xi'an Qujiang International Convention and Exhibition Center from 15 to 18 March, the Expo is known as one of the three major exhibitions of China's equipment manufacturing industry. In 2018,  the Expo will be about 100, 000 square meters,  gathering more than 1, 200 high-tech companies from home and abroad. They will discuss new measures in the new situation,  seek new measures under the new normal,  promote the accelerated development of equipment manufacturing,  and stimulate the vitality of innovation and entrepreneurship in the entire society.

HATATEST took the exclusive agent of the Korean Angstrom Rayence Industrial Portable Non-Destructive Testing Imaging System (DR),  Russian Stokes Spektroflash Portable High-frequency Constant-Voltage DX Machine,  American NDTSyStems 3D Imaging Corrosion Testing Evaluation System,  American NDTSyStems Portable Air-Coupled Detector,  American NDTSyStems IBT 3100+BondHub Adhesive 3D imaging detector,  American NDTSyStems NovaScope 6000 ultrasonic thickness gauge,  Switzerland ELIOS drones and other products unveiled the show . Our company's products have outstanding advantages in the field of industrial nondestructive testing,  such as intelligence,  precision,  convenience and so on, they can be widely used in aerospace,  pressure vessel manufacturing,  electric power detection,  ships,  petroleum and petrochemical,  special equipment detection and other fields. It attracted a lot of visitors to get to know,  and aroused wide attention from all walks of life and became one of the highlights of this exhibition. 

HATATEST will actively explore the response of national development strategy "The Belt and Road", we will strive to become a model of intelligent detection in China , to provide customers with more excellent products and services and strengthen China's manufacturing and improve China's quality.

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