What are the uses of X-ray inspection technology? Did you know everything?

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Electronics X Ray Machine

X-ray photography is mainly used in the following fields:

Electronic product testing 

X-ray inspection technology is a very useful detection method in the manufacture of transformers, transceivers and semiconductors. This technology can easily show defects such as debris inside the test piece and other risks, and the test results are also independent, which can effectively reduce the artificial interference factor.
 In many industries, computerized X-ray imaging (DR) is relatively more efficient because image transfer or sharing (such as between the tester and the customer) obtained by this method is easier.

Plastic product testing

In recent years, the development and application of plastic products has become more and more extensive, and the application of custom injection molding models has become more and more popular; the injection molding method is a widely used method for producing a large number of identical components. This technique requires very tight tolerances and does not allow defects or anomalies in the sample. X-ray photography technology is extremely effective in detecting these samples, ensuring the percentage of the final component. Both computer X-ray imaging and general radiography can be applied to this field according to specific needs.

Lithium ion battery detection

Lithium-ion batteries are now often used in aerospace and defense applications; and because of these high-end applications (space shuttles, weapon systems, electronic communications, etc.), they are extremely reliable.

X-ray photography technology can effectively detect whether these products are assembled correctly and whether they contain defects or foreign objects. It is worth repeating that this method is a low-cost non-destructive testing method and is especially suitable for the detection of such higher value products.

  One of computer X-ray imaging and general radiography may be selected depending on the end user's needs (eg, many aerospace and defense projects require X-ray film to record information). If X-ray imaging is not required, computer X-ray imaging can be used to assist in the development and evaluation of such batteries. The screen capture function of this method provides great convenience for developers and helps to add radiographic images to relevant reports or operating instructions.

Fire investigation and legal proceedings 

Another unique application of X-ray photography technology is in fire investigations and legal proceedings; during investigations, damaged objects (such as ceiling fans) are usually inspected for isolation, and X-ray inspection techniques are used to obtain X of the test sample. Radiation film, by analyzing these films, can determine whether the substance is related to the fire. These images can be used on the court as important evidence to determine which party is responsible for the main responsibility.

DR's application in architectural decoration

The application of radiographic digital imaging technology in the construction industry is mainly the quality inspection of precast wall grouting sleeve connection. Field detection of concrete thickness is mostly 200mm, and 300mm is very small. The object of inspection is mainly whether the concrete poured around the steel bar is in place or not, and whether the grouting position in the sleeve is in place.

In short, X-ray photography for non-metallic products (such as plastic parts) is showing an increasing trend; the detection results are obtained quickly and accurately. So, who is saying that X-ray photography technology is "old"? She is still thriving and thriving!

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