Magnetic particle inspection and scope of application

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Contents covered by the magnetic particle inspection protocol
1. The scope of application of the regulations;
2. Magnetization method (including magnetization specification, preparation of workpiece surface);
3, magnetic powder (including particle size, color, magnetic suspension and fluorescent magnetic suspension preparation)
4, test strips;
5. Technical operation;
6. Quality assessment and inspection records.

Magnetic particle testing range
1. It is suitable for detecting cracks on the surface and near surface of ferromagnetic materials with small size, extremely narrow gaps and visually invisible defects.
2, suitable for testing martensitic stainless steel and precipitation hardening stainless steel materials, not suitable for testing austenitic stainless steel materials.
3. It is suitable for testing raw materials (such as steel billets) and processed semi-finished products, finished parts and in-service and used workpieces. 4, suitable for testing pipe bar sheet metal and forged steel castings and welded parts.
5. It is used to detect defects on the surface and near surface of the workpiece, but it is not suitable for detecting shallow and wide defects on the surface of the workpiece, deep internal defects and defects with an angle of less than 20 degrees in the direction of the magnetic field lines.

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