flat panel digital radiographyHTJW1012D

HTJW1012D is a Industry Digital Flat Panel for NDT . The Feature of HTJW1012D Industry DR Panel system are:

--Compact & Portable: The 10" x 12x 12"ector weight just 2.3 kg (5lb) and has a thickness of only 15mm (0.5"). It is easy and light to carry it around. 

 -- Both Dynamic imaging and static imaging. 

 -- 4.16lp/mm High resolution 

 -- Can match any type of X ray machine 

 -- Powerful HTSW7.0 software which specially designed for industry NDT

HTJW1012D Digital Flat Panel                      

X ray source that can be collocated50-350 kv high frequency, frequency conversion, and Pulse ray machine
Active Area244mm*307mm
Pixel matrix2048*2560 (Full resolution mode)
Limiting Resolution4.16lp/mm
Pixel Pitch120㎛
A/D Conversion16bits
InterfaceWired : 1Gbps Ethernet
     Wireless : 802.11 a/g/n Wireless LAN
Frame frequency>1.5fps(2048*2560)
Dynamic range~82db
Dimension(W x L x H)333mm*282mm*26mm
Weight~2.3kg (5lb)
sheathing materialAluminium
Sensor protection materialCarbon fiber board
Temperature rangeLimit working temperature: -20 C to55 C
Humidity rangeWork: 30%to75%RH
Energy Range40-300kv
Power supply100-240V 50/60Hz AC

Download specification of HTJW1012D


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